On The Job Training

Sometimes, while looking to fill an open position, a business owner meets a job candidate who would be great for the job but the person lacks all of the required skills for the position. Our On-the-Job Training Program is the perfect solution. It allows a new hire to learn how to perform needed tasks or skills by actually doing it, while receiving guidance from an experienced coworker, supervisor or manager. The business is then reimbursed up to 75% of the wages (based on the size of the company) paid during the agreed training period.
In order for a business to qualify the job must be:

  • Fulltime
  • Must pay $2.50 above minimum wage (the cost of benefits can be included in the hourly rate)
  • Offered as a permanent position to a participant who successfully completes the training period.

For more information on how this program can benefit your next new hire and your company, please contact Bill McDonough at: wmcd@co.ulster.ny.us or 845-334-5180, or Miles Davis at mida@co.ulster.ny.us or 845-340-3175. Paperwork must be completed before the employee is hired.

Ulster County Career Center Business Services Team Members:

Miles Davis: mida@co.ulster.ny.us  845-340-3175
William McDonough: wmcd@co.ulster.ny.us; 845-334-5180